The Chicks have Arrived!

Got a phone call at 6 this morning stating that our chicks were at a post office one town away. I guess our own post office can’t be bothered with such things. So we went down there, picked up a very loud box of peepers, and went home to set them up. There was one dead on arrival. It appeared to be a silver-laced polish but there was another obvious polish in the box so I guess maybe it was our mystery chick. It looked like it may have been squished by the other chicks. I had the mistaken idea that all chicks would be vaguely the same size but upon seeing the polish standing next to the other breeds I realized just how misinformed I was!

The surviving Polish isn’t doing so hot either. She hasn’t eaten and seems weak. I suspect we’ll loose her. On the other hand all the other chicks are lively, active, eating, drinking, and pooping. I couldn’t be happier with them! I can’t seem to figure out which one is the Cornish and there is an odd feather-footed chicken in there that is not a light Brahma. I wonder if they botched the order and I got something different. I guess only time will tell!

They all are starting to show different personalities. Some will cuddle close to you, others will run for the hills, some just want to be with the other chicks, and one seems to be the bully pecking at everyone else. The Buff Orpingtons are enormous and don’t move much. They seem pretty chill compared to the rest, having very full gullets they just doze. I can’t wait to see them grow, and much to my amazement they already have feathers starting to poke out, at two days old! I figured it’d be a week or so before they got feathers… I’d raised cockatiels many years ago and they took forever to get their feathers. I know chickens grow fast but eeesh! That’s really fast!

And here’s what you’ve all probably been waiting for, chickie pics!