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Achondroplasic Dwarfism in Domestic Animals

What do Corgis, Munchkin cats, Scotts Dumpy chickens and Irish Dexter cattle have in common? A gene causing shorter legs. Learn why we have bred achondroplasia into animals with this informative article.

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The Resurrection of the Cabinet Incubator!

I’m still living somewhere where I am not allowed chickens in my yard but I didn’t see anything in the rules stating I couldn’t have chicks in the house… so I went out to the shed and dragged the cabinet incubator out of deep storage so I could hatch a batch of chicks. If successful… Continue reading The Resurrection of the Cabinet Incubator!

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My Ever-Teasing Tomato Plants – A Quick Update on Life

Plant tomatoes, the say, they’re easy, they say! So I planted some tomato seeds and would you believe that forty-one of those cute little seeds turned into cute little plants way before the ground was unfrozen? ALL RIGHT! I’M GOING TO BE ROLLING IN TOMATO SAUCE AND SALSA!! Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.… Continue reading My Ever-Teasing Tomato Plants – A Quick Update on Life

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Daydreaming About Tiny Houses… A Day in Vermont

It’s easy to forget what all the struggle is for when you continue trudging through the nothingness for so long. I’m still living in a house that I think is physically obliterating my health, where I can’t even own chickens… and it’s been well past the time I felt I should have earned my way… Continue reading Daydreaming About Tiny Houses… A Day in Vermont


The Bees are Back – Enjoying the Smallest Wildlife

This spring has been interesting. We’ve been getting a lot of rain, interspersed between random very hot sunny days. My life has slowed down a lot, almost to a crawl, but that has been an interesting experience all it’s own. I went out in the yard today to measure and see how much fencing I… Continue reading The Bees are Back – Enjoying the Smallest Wildlife

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Spring Projects Abound!

I’m just checking into this blog to let you all know I am still alive and doing well. It’s been a rough winter for me but this spring seems like a rebirth! I am still living somewhere where I can’t have chickens and it looks like I will be stuck here for quite a while… Continue reading Spring Projects Abound!

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On Breeding Dual Purpose Sex Links

Well, my life is calming down a lot and spring is coming up so it’s time to start refocusing my attention on this homesteading blog. Now, I know, I am no longer on a homestead, but I am working towards it again and in the meantime people are still asking me all sorts of chicken… Continue reading On Breeding Dual Purpose Sex Links

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A Burger Named Holly

Today I spent some time listening to other homesteaders as they talked about what a life changing venture it all is. There were people in their twenties, fresh out of school, just starting their own little farms, lamenting that even after several years of progress they were still not recognized or respected within their extended… Continue reading A Burger Named Holly